"First the flames burst out onto the scene, like some amusing special effect that was just part of the show. Some people had started only all too soon to applaud and shout 'bravo,' when they suddenly realized, whether from the paleness in the faces around or from some whisper of fright - inaudible to the ear but perceptible to the soul - that indeed it was a real flame that had leapt up, a monster, an evil beast that was no joke at all. There were still a few however that didn't grasp anything about the tiger that had brusquely pounced out into the world, and was now the master of the evening. The actors on the stage cried out and abandoned the artistic realm, at which point the public in turn began to scream. In the balconies, another sort of unworldly beast had reared its head: fear. Each passing moment seemed to give birth to new monsters."
- R. Walser

changed April 6, 2011